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Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. and Westinghouse Electric Company
Die Geschichte von George Westinghouse
Alte historische Aktien und Wertpapiere

Die von George Westinghouse bis 1914 gegründeten Unternehmen
Vor 1870
- Westinghouse Air Brake Company

1870 bis 1880
- Westinghouse European Brake Co.and - Compagnie Des Freins Westinghouse
1880 bis 1890
- American Brake Company and - Westinghouse Brake Company,LTD
- Westinghouse Machine Company and - Westinghouse Foundry Company
- Union Switch and Signal Company and - Westinghouse Company [Schenectady]
- Philadelphia Company and - Westinghouse Bremsen Gesellschaft
- Westinghouse, Church, Kerr and Co. and - Sawyer-Man Electric Company
- Westinghouse Electric Company and - Consolidated Electric Light Company
- United Electric Light and Power Co. and - Fuel Gas and Electric Engineering Co.
- East Pittsburgh Improvement Co. and - Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
- Westinghouse Electric Company, LTD
1890 bis 1900
- Bryant Electric Company and - Pittsburgh Meter Company
- Waterhouse Electric Company and - Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing
- Standard Underground Cable Co. and - Standard Car Heating and Ventilating
- R. D. Nuttall Company and - Westinghouse Glass Company
- World's Fair Equipment Company and -Electro-Magnetic Traction Company
- Security Investment Company and - Emery Pneumatic Lubricator Company
- French Westinghouse Electric Co. and - Manhattan General Construction Co.
- Walker Electric Company and - Societe Anonyme Westinghouse
- British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company

1890 bis 1900
- Westinghouse Patent Bureau and - Nernst Lamp Company
- Clyde Valley Electric Power Company and - Traction and Power Securities Co.
- Westinghouse Automatic Air and Steam Coupler Company and - Societe Anonyme Westinghouse
- Westinghouse Elektricitaets-Gesellschaft and - Westinghouse Traction Brake Co.
- Cooper Hewitt Electric Company and - Trafford Water Company
- Westinghouse Interworks Railway Co. and - McCandless Lamp Company
- Canadian Westinghouse Company and - Laurentide Mica Company, LTD
- Cie. Int. Pr. Le Chauf'ge Des Chem's De Fer Systeme Heintz, LTD and - Westinghouse Metal Filament Lamp
- Societe Electrique Westinghouse De Russie and - United Pump and Power Company
- National Brake and Electric Company and - Westinghouse Cooper Hewitt Company, LTD
- Westinghouse Metallfaden Gluhlampenfabrik Gesellschaft and - Milwaukee Locomotive Manufacturing Company
- Societa Italiana Westinghouse and - Westinghouse Brake Company, LTD
- McKenzie-Holland and Westinghouse Power Signal Company and - Westinghouse Lamp Company
- Bergmann Electric Werke, A.G. and - Societe Anonyme Pr. L'Exploitation Des Procedes Westinghouse Leblanc
- Societe Hongroise D'Auto Systeme Westinghouse and - Trafford Real Estate Company
- Westinghouse Friction Draft Gear Co. and -Pittsburgh High Voltage Insulator Co.

1900 bis 1914
- Westinghouse Air Spring Company and - Compagnie Des Lampes A Filaments Metalliques
- Comp. Pour Les Applications Des Rayons Ultra-Violet [France] and - Soc. Int. Pour Les Applications Des Rayons Ultra-Violet [Belgium]
- Copeland Electric Stove Company and - Westinghouse Pacific Coast Brake Co.
- Electric Properties Corporation and - Westinghouse Norsk Elekrisk Artienselskap
- Westinghouse Gear and Dynamometer and - Locomotive Stoker Company
- Canadian Concrete Products Co, LTD and - National Steel Foundries
- Krantz Manufacturing Company, Inc and - Fountain Electrical Floor Box Corp.
- Page-Storm Drop Forge Company and - New England Westinghouse Co.
- Westinghouse Electric Export Co.
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